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use coupon code LOCALPICKUP for in person pick up
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Luanda A. Daniels - Consultant/MUA


I have loved beauty and fashion ever since I was a little girl. I remember times when I’d spend hours in the bathroom doing my hair, and grooming myself, just to come out, and have my dad tease me that there was still one little hair out of place. He loved seeing me turn back around in horror and run to fix it! Lol!


My love for clothes and fashion can probably be attributed to my mother who put me to work in a clothing store as soon as she was able; on my 16th birthday! Who does that? This is something that I became very grateful for though. It enhanced my eye for fashion, and instilled in me a heart to always want to look my best, and help others do the same. I love seeing a woman at the top of her game!

I look forward to meeting you soon! Let me help you unveil the glamour in you! In the meantime, be blessed, be a blessing, and be beautiful!